the writing dyslexic

I am a writer with dyslexia which is a little bit of a nightmare. In my form of dyslexia, I can’t spell well at all and typos are my middle name. The concept of writing for a living is terrifying. I am a graduate student, and I am lucky to work with another student who proofs my work. I started working with her after two professors told me that my papers were filled with mistakes and unacceptable, but, as an aside, I wrote well. I am so lucky to work with Ash. Unlike some others I have worked with she doesn’t alter my words and phrasing but helps me to improve my punctuation and gets rid of my typos. But I realize I use on her so much I am using her as a crutch. So this blog will be written without her, typos and bad grammar and all. My goal with this blog is to write, have fun, and, improve my writing. I make a lot of mistakes because I am terrified of making mistakes. I am working to abate the vicious cycle and finally learn to, dare I say punctuate.

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