Cold: Am I really sick?

Cold. I have been sick for two days. I am in bed listless, with a vague rundown feeling. I  am the type to argue with myself.  Am I really sick? Yes. I am cold. Cold. I have no fever but I am cold. I put on sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. In the afternoon I start to feel better. I warm up. I decided to do some errands. It is hard for me to stay still. I expect to stay better but something in me tells me to hurry.

I run my errands, get home and decide to paint in bed. I drag my paints, brushes, and canvas. to the bed. I prop myself up. I am ready. But then it happens. The sickness falls on me again, crushing tiredness, my eyes closing. I turn over and sleep and sleep. I wake feeling worse than before. I should eat something. I am cold again.

But today I am good, well and warm.

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