Another Bad delivery

I wonder why we remember our bad experiences more than the good. Bad Uber eats deliveries stand out so much more than the good ones. My good and great Uber eats trip are mainly uneventful with a big tip. There was the time I delivered to two women that were literally giddy. They were a joy to be around. It had been slow in the days after Thanksgiving. I guess people spent their Uber eats money holiday shopping. I got a ping for a McDonald’s pick up. It was grateful for the delivery but wary that it was from McDonald’s.  McDonald’s deliveries had a tendency, more than others, to go wrong.  As I made the pickup, I was thinking, I hadn’t had a bad delivery in a while. This one looked like I was going to end up in a bad part of town. I had never delivered there at night but no big deal. I should be in and out of there in a few minutes.

The app was giving me my destination as the middle of an intersection. I figured it would be obvious when I got there. It wasn’t. I went left to the apartment building on that corner, A good guess, but the wrong address. It was 610. I was looking for 600. I pulled into the parking lot of a very sketchy looking store on the opposite corner. A ton of men were milling around and driving in an out of the lot. I  got really uncomfortable fast. This was the only other building at that intersection; It had to be there; The other two corners of the intersection were empty lots.

I called the customer she was hostile right away.  And started yelling.

“I am not there. My daughter is there. You are in the wrong spot. Do you I see a red and white building?”

“No, I…”

“She cut me off. You are in the wrong spot.”

“let me confirm the address 600…”

“Yeah, yeah! You are in the wrong spot.”

The conversation continued this way, useless, with her irritated with me and too angry to direct me to where I need to go. Didn’t she want her food? I asked her if I needed to go east or west of the main road I was on. Her only response was, “You are in the wrong spot. Do you see a red and white building? Do you see a little white girl on the corner?” The answer to both those questions was no.

Mercifully the call dropped. I started to drive around aimlessly because that was the only way I could think to find her daughter. For whatever reason, this woman was not giving me directions. With my aimless driving, I found the red and white building she was talking about, one street to the east of where the app directed me to go. Her daughter waved me down on the corner. Her appearance was shocking; she was gaunt and a mess.

She pointed to the building address, “Right here” she said.

The address said 400. They had given me the totally wrong address. They had given me 600 and the right address was 400. I was irritated, but I didn’t stay mad. I had been paid for my time wandering around trying to find them so my delivery fee was more than usual. I was glad I found her so I could be done with the delivery. And besides, they were so miserable that being themselves was punishment enough.


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