weird uber eats adventures Vol 1

My interesting/ weird uber eats adventures Vol 1

I am an Uber Eats driver and it is mostly easy-going and smooth sailing but sometimes things get interesting. Here are some quirky things – weird I encountered as a driver. More times than you think, customers list the wrong delivery address. Uber eats has a feature when you can use the location of your phone to direct the driver to your location. The problem with that feature that it frequently lists an address that is near the phone but not your actual address. If the customer isn’t paying attention, the driver gets a wrong address to deliver to. I delivered food to 309 that was listed on the order versus 306 where the customer was. I delivered the food to people that have no idea what is going but happy to take it. Then the correct customer comes out of their house across the house wanting their food. Awkward, but as she was yelling at me, I told her to check the address which was clearly wrong. This happens surprisingly often, I would guess about 20% – 25% of the time. For me, almost every day

My most eventful wrong-address-incident happened when I was a very new driver. The customer’s address was wrong; I called her phone which was turned off; she did not answer. I messaged her, and she was nowhere to be found. I spend about 15 minutes trying to find the customer eventually calling uber support. That wouldn’t happen now. I wised up. You only have to try to deliver and contact the customer if you can’t reach or find them for 5 minutes. After that, you can leave. Finally, the customer comes running out a building that had nothing to do with the address given on the order. She said she was going to wait outside. Obviously, she was wasn’t as I had been wandering around for 15 minutes looking for her. If I had known better I could have scored $50 worth of Mexican food. If you can’t find the customer after your 5 minutes, you can “dispose of the food” that is keep it if you want.

Another good one was when the customer decided to give me the address of her building complex office 4199 but decided not to give the number or her actual building 4266. Don’t these people want their food?

This type of delivery is just a pain in the ass. The customer lives in an apartment building, but they don’t give you the code you need to get through the door. My most eventful one of these was a total clusterfuck. First of all, uber navigation hadn’t mapped that area and directions stopped at a nearby office building, so I was just wandering around the neighborhood hoping to find the place. It is a community of tightly packed apartment buildings, my least favorite. I find the place there is a locked gate and I have no code. I am about to call the customer but someone lets me in. I look at the elevator and it doesn’t appear to have a button just a prominent place to insert a key. I call the customer who can’t communicate well. I explain that I can’t get up the elevator without a key. He doesn’t seem to understand what I am saying. He’s asking me if I’m in the building when I am telling him I am in front of the elevator and that I can’t get up. He’s telling me I should have pull hard on the gate, it’s broken and that I should be able to open it that way. Eventually, someone else comes in and presses a hidden button to call the elevator. This is a pet peeve of mine, there is such a thing as a hidden button on elevators that it can take a while to find. Who came up with this stupid design? The customer came down to get his food none too happy neither was I.

Then there is the customer that makes you get out of the car and hand them the food where they are standing in the driveway. This is how it happens, I pull up in a driveway, the customer is standing there but they don’t move towards me to get their food, arms crossed they aren’t moving, the food needs to come to them. So I have to put the car in park, get out and bring the food to them. I remember the first time this happened, I was like, wtf, don’t you want this food? To me, it’s the weirdest thing. I was a customer before I was a diver, I would wait outside when they got close and I went to get my food from the driver in the car cause I wanted my stuff. It seems like it’s a power move like I paid for this delivery, so you gonna bring it to me. Please share if you have any ideas as to what this is about or if you do this. About 50% of the people who wait for me in the driveway do this and the other 50% come to me to get their food.

Last on my list of weirdness is how much I get tipped. I get tipped a lot by my customers. I didn’t expect to get many tips because drivers in my area complain of almost no tips, the people are paying for the delivery so I why would they tip on top of that (that was my mentality)? Tips are important to me, they account for 10% -15% of my income and 3-4 hours of work. But they do and I’m so grateful. My average tip is $4, followed by $6, a distant $2 and $1. The tips I get are really surprising to me because when I was I customer I didn’t tip. I figured I was paying for the delivery so, no tip. But my customers changed me. I’ll always tip now. Do you have any food delivery or rideshare stories to share?

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