When the check didn’t come I did the wrong thing

I didn’t realize this was my 12th day in a row working. I was tired and I wanted to take the day off but I pushed myself to work, I need the money. I hadn’t brought any real money in since I graduated college; I had run through my savings and I was behind. But my body wasn’t cooperating. I was worn out. I was driving uber eats. It wasn’t great money but it was money.
I was back in school after another degree and working on publishing a book. I needed to make money but I also needed flexibility. My thirteen-year-old son looked at me and asked- “So you have a masters degree and you are delivering food?” Yeah, that is most people’s reactions, but need the flexibility.

I like delivering for uber eats. As I writer I love discovering new restaurants and interacting with different people good and bad. I have learned that those that say they will tip don’t. I guess they say they will out of some guilt thing. I think some now on when they mention something about tipping in the app I’ll say, “No need.” It will be my way of taking control of the situation and acknowledging – you won’t tip anyway. So don’t bother with the charade.-
On the other hand, you never know who will tip. People with a real pain in the ass delivery almost never tip. Like when I went to the elementary school teacher who gave me the wrong address on purpose so I would deliver to the school. I discovered that many people, if they are standing the driveway, expect me to get out of the car and hand them the food although though it would be just as easier to give it to them through the window. Their own little power trip. I think that is so interesting.

I was tired. I knew I had been working so many days in a row, but and trying to make as much money as possible to catch up. But I was moving slowly. I was going to skip my usual hour break during the day because I was going to the gym and I didn’t want to have too much downtime. But my body was having none of it. Although I was full of coffee, I needed that break.

I stopped driving to check the mail and get ready for the gym. I had been watching the mail like a hawk. My check from my part-time job doing web updates was late, 5 days late coming and as I result I was late with my rent. I opened my mailbox and saw no check. Now I was in the shit and would have to go talk to my landlord, sound like a liar, and tell him my check wasn’t here. Instead of getting ready for the gym I would have to get money out of one account and put my empty account. I felt totally defeated. I had earned money but couldn’t pay my rent. I was working so hard but couldn’t get ahead.

After a deposited a paltry $40 to stave off disaster in my bank account, I did the wrong thing. As I found out I was down a large some of needed money, I went across the road to spend money. I went dairy queen and got a Sundae. I had been thinking about one all week. It supposed to be a reward for working hard and working out. But now it was just a band-aid to keep me from totally freaking out. I also got a peanut butter blizzard (ice cream mixed with chocolate peanut butter cups) for my boyfriend too in case he wanted to wallow with me. I sent a text to my contact at my part-time job asking her to look into my check. The second time in 6 weeks I have had to ask where it was. I took my ice cream home to lick my wounds. I decided to take the night off. I needed money more than ever, but I needed a few hours to rest and feel human, watch dumb stuff on TV and rest. I would be up and at ‘em again the next day like i had a choice.

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