I got busted unfollowing someone on Instagram

I got caught unfollowing someone this week. It was on Instagram. I kinda don’t mind I got caught. It was a woman from my school. I was trying to be friends with. I didn’t think she would notice because she pretty much never likes my stuff. She probably noticed because I usually like all her posts and I just stopped clicking on anything of hers. I found her interesting that’s why I clicked on her stuff. I thought we were trying to get together to meet up. After I thought about it, I realized, it was really me only trying to meet up.

We live far away from each other, fifty miles apart. I but we go to the same college. I suggested we get together when we at school at the same time or when we were in each other’s area. She is the type that posts wherever she is going. I realized she wasn’t interested in being friends when she was in my area for a talk, and she didn’t let me know. She could be one of the types that just forgot, or to didn’t occur to her. That’s fine, but the truth is that I didn’t rate for her and she didn’t give a shit if we met up or not. I still left her on my feed. I liked her stuff a little less, but I still found her interesting. So I would like things every once in a while. I figure we would be friends or we wouldn’t be; I wasn’t trying anymore.

I unfollowed her after I realized that we had classes on the same day and she hadn’t let me know. She posted pictures of her on the way to school and in the library at school. It hurt that she was at school with no interest in that I was also at school. What are you going to do. So I unfollowed her, and she also unfollowed me. I was shocked she noticed. Maybe she was a lurker, someone who looked at my posts but never liked or commented. Again It didn’t feel good to know her, so I decided to unknow her. Feels better.

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