Eagle Ray – Mini prose

Eagle Ray

This is a true story. When I was twelve years old, I went to visit my friend Tammy. She lived in a house right on the sea. She led me out on to the back porch which was right on the beach. Her mother was out there with her disabled older brother. He was naked and sitting in a lawn chair. Her mother was holding a garden hose and washing him off. This is how he bathed. Without a word, they left me standing on the porch with him. I was embarrassed by his nakedness and looked at the rolling waves breaking on the beach. Then, slowly and steadily an eagle ray swam by, close to the shore. The tips of his wings breaking the surface as he went by. I could see his spotted body undulating beneath a thin veil of water. Surely I could not be alive and see such a beautiful thing. I was twelve, but I knew what I was seeing was like in a dream. Only Roland and I saw, and I did not know if he raised his eyes to see. His name has only come to me now, lost for twenty-nine years.

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